Monday, February 22, 2010

rePURPOSING Things: Cute Little Clutch Purse

I fell so hard for this darling, tooled leather clutch purse that I completely ignored my own rule to only use crossover purses.  I had bad experiences with clutch bags: when you put down the bag to use your hands for something other than carrying it, it often gets forgotten. Just that word - clutch - makes me shudder. But I WANTED this one and convinced myself I needed it.

This time I was going to make it work for me, dammit. To that end I bought a cute tote tote my cute clutch purse. It made perfect sense to me at the time.

When I came to my senses I was in the possession of not one, but TWO bags I couldn't use, bags that became clutter.

On a recent cleaning spree I rediscovered the cute little clutch. With a frustrated little foot stamp I whined why oh why can't it work for me. I felt determined to re-coup my investment.

So I  bought a yard of cord, had the cobbler install two tiny grommets and voila! A totally useful, and extremely cute, crossover purse!

What do you have hiding in your closet that you can re-make and actually use?

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