Sunday, April 4, 2010

Office Closet Overhaul

This client is very lucky to have a large closet outfitted with shelves and drawers in her home office. She had so much space that she never tossed anything; she just kept loading up the shelves. Consequently, she lost track of what she had in there and was storing things that she no longer needed. The surplus was spilling out on the floor blocking her access to some of the shelves.

We started by evaluating, eliminating and integrating her books, putting like with like.  We shelved the travel books together, the special interest books together and the novels together. By the time we were done we had boxed and bagged tk# of books to donate.

Next we tackled the binders and papers from her many projects, presentations and conferences. After emptying and saving the best binders for future use, we filled her entire  tk recycling bin with outdated reports, research papers  and brochures. In the process we found numerous conference tote bags to donate.

Then we clustered the electronics, office supplies and current projects and found she had ample space to hide items from the rest of her office in the closet. But now it looks so good it is a shame to close the doors!

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