Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quick Closet Clean Out

This Nevada City house is bursting with materials for the couples huge array of projects and interests. Although it is stimulating to visit, guests can stumble on the stuff.

Our objective was to make room behind closed doors to store some things that were taking over their living area. 

The hall closet seemed like the best candidate for this. It was fairly well organized but it could be better. Plus we suspected it housed things that the couple no longer needed.

And we were right. We emptied it, evaluated all the contents and eliminated quite a bit. Boxes were packed for garage sale, recycle, return and donate.

We were able to get the bedding off the floor and onto the shelves, use the floor space for luggage and, with the freed-up space, store the folding tables that had been stacked in the hall way.

Not only did they gain some serenity in the living area, but now they know where everything is. 

Total time: 1 hour.

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