Sunday, May 6, 2012

Focus on a Life, not Acquisitions

Today's paper had a front page story about something I see all the time - people hanging on to more and more things as they age. Their houses get more and more crowded and they loose the serenity of their shelter.

If you are trying to help aging relatives keep their living space under control, try what  I learned: be a witness to their life. Ask them the story behind each item - where they got it, how they felt. Often after having someone else hear their story, they are ready to let it go.

Then gently ask them who they would want to have it and offer to deliver it for them. You can suggest a relative or close friend, their church, a charity or school. It could be anywhere. I have found that most times just knowing that their possession will have a home makes it easier to part with.

This can be good for both of you. They get a more serene and often safer environment and you get the gift of learning more of their history. You might be surprised!

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  1. I just ran across your blog as I am sitting here trying to do some organizing in my little craft space. I googled organizing your scrapbook space and it brought me to a post that you posted last year but it is exactly what I was looking for. I am on a mission and by golly, I hope that your posts will help me accomplish my overall goal of organizing everything around me!! Hugs & Smiles, Dannette