Sunday, November 22, 2009

RePURPOSING Spaces: A San Diego Cottage

Lisa lives in a darling two-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-story cottage with a bedroom and bath upstairs and a bed and bath downstairs. The small bedroom upstairs was her “home office” but, filled with boxes, it was really was more storage than office. The large downstairs room was her bedroom with a double closet, a wide hallway, a bathroom with a tub and French doors opening to the backyard.

When her partner moved it created an opportunity to evaluate how space in this house was used. Much like our house, their rooms did not fully match their functions so they decided to switch the bedroom with the office.

Here is the downstairs mid-move:

Switching rooms made sense for a number of reasons:
·      Sleeping upstairs eliminated the trek up to the shower every morning and back down to the closet to get dressed.
·      The smaller upstairs room was just the right size for the bed and its smaller closet was just the right size for their clothes.
·      The larger room downstairs had space for the desk and they could add bookshelves to hold what was in the storage boxes.
·      Its double closet was large enough for both off-season clothes and some office storage.
·      Floor space was opened up for practicing yoga.
·      And they got a big bonus - a view of the backyard during the day.

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